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ECO2 has a humble and tough beginning in 2016, when the company had to take on any projects related to civil engineering construction works. We started with projects such as external light drainage, metal works, bus shelters and many other constructions that involved civil engineering. At that time, our clients were mainly commercial and non-residential.

In 2016, ECO2 decided to pursue higher quality projects involving complicated and challenging problem solving. Since then, the company has been focusing on high profile projects of infrastructure constructions in the airports. Those projects mostly involved constructions of airport runways, taxiway, parking apron including cable duct, portable water pipe and fire hydrant.

Over the years of gaining practical site experiences, ECO2 evolves to be a specialist in pavement and taxiway construction for aircraft. The company has exceeded the client’s and our own expectations and successfully completed multiple projects with Singapore Changi Airport, Seletar Airport and Senai Airport in Malaysia.

Today, ECO2 has become a world-class pavement builder for airports in the region.



To provide all airports safe, reliable and world-class pavement efficiently through:

  • Good understanding of airport operations
  • Compliance to international aviation standards
  • Unique innovative solutions
  • Agile, resilient, and positive teams


Our dynamic team provides total solution for pavement works globally and completes projects on time, within budget, exceed specified quality with zero incidents.


To cultivate disciplined individuals with ownership, accountability and proactiveness to plan and deliver all jobs.

The company logo is made up of the corporate brand “ECO2” in small letters and green font, and a yellow circle with a green leaf.

The green leaf represents the nature - our mother earth.

The yellow background in the circle represents recycling, which is commonly used as a recycle symbol.

The two form an “Ying-Yang” shaped earth which represents the preservation of mother earth via recycling and protecting the nature.

ECO2 reflecting the upmost principal by delivering quality works as described by the management, in all that we do, we follow the Chinese principle of “精益求精” which means pursuit of greater excellence in English.